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Chicago Review of Books, The Best New Books of August 2019

Hassman’s writing vibrates with honesty, hilarity, and twists of language that sparkle with gusto. Very few books have the ricochet verve that this novel does. It is special, and amidst the hardship, the beer cans, and the rebellion, there is great effervescent hope, which keeps us all going. —Al Woodworth, Amazon Editors’ Picks (Best of the Month)

Sweet and sour, magical yet grounded in reality: gods with a little g is one special coming-of-age tale. Take note, HBO: This would be perfect prestige TV fodder. Refinery29, Put These New Books on Your TBR List & Stat

—Annie Bostrom, Booklist (starred review)

—Heidi Julavits, The Folded Clock and The Vanishers

—Zulema Renee Summerfield, Every Other Weekend

—Willie Vlautin, Lean on Pete, Northline, and The Motel Life

—Laura Albert, author of JT LeRoy’s Sarah and The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things

—Carlene Bauer, Not That Kind of Girl and Frances and Bernard

—Susan Straight, Take One Candle Light a Room, Highwire Moon, and Between Heaven and Here

—Lydia Netzer, Shine Shine Shine, How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky, and Everybody’s Baby

—Alena Graedon, The Word Exchange

—Annie Hartnett, Rabbit Cake